TEN Launches New Set of Energy Initiatives at Carnegie Museums

Energy Efficiency Sep 26, 2023

Since its launch in 2012, The Efficiency Network (TEN), a subsidiary of Duquesne Light Holdings (DLH), has worked with Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh to deliver highly customized building modifications that save money and enhance the environment of these world-renowned venues.

TEN’s team of engineers, project managers and contractors have worked closely with Carnegie Museums across various locations, including Carnegie Museum of Art, Carnegie Science Center, The Andy Warhol Museum and Carnegie Museum of Natural History. With a total project value of $2.3 million, TEN has successfully developed services tailored to meet the unique needs of each venue.

“As many can imagine, working in a museum environment requires a great deal of skill and planning. Achieving project objectives in highly sensitive museum environments comes with unique challenges,” said Troy Geanopulos, CEO of TEN. “Our long-term relationship with Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh has evolved into a close working relationship. We are grateful to be their trusted partner.”

This year, TEN began implementing a new energy initiative at Carnegie Museum of Art and Carnegie Museum of Natural History that enhanced control systems within the art galleries and other exhibition spaces. Part of the project also included modernizing the lighting system in Carnegie Music Hall.

Prior to 2023, TEN provided a range of services that resulted in $137,000 in annual cost savings for Carnegie Science Center and The Andy Warhol Museum. These projects included water conservation upgrades, demand control ventilation, and other improvements that increased energy and water conservation and allowed easier maintenance at those facilities.

“Our relationship with TEN has allowed us the opportunity to maintain comfort while conserving energy and cutting costs at our world-renowned facilities,” said Tony Young, vice president of facilities planning and operations for Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh.

“I think anyone who visits our museums would be proud that we’ve found a partner to help us do our part in reducing waste and impact on the environment,” he said.

About The Efficiency Network

The Efficiency Network (TEN) is an independent energy services company that provides energy projects to government, K-12, higher education, health care and commercial customers. TEN is part of the Duquesne Light Holdings family of companies.


Samson X Horne

Samson X Horne is a digital media associate at Duquesne Light Company, an affiliate of TEN. He also assists TEN's media strategy.

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